The Artwork

Each Juiced! recipe has its own unique story, which is reflected by the art you find on every bottle. But for the story behind the stories, we’d like you to meet the artist behind them all: Reginald Baylor.

Meet the Artist: Reginald Baylor

Reginald Baylor is the Founder and Creative Director of Reginald Baylor Studios (RBS), a brand obsessed with the creative industry in Milwaukee and beyond. Baylor’s work with Juiced! vividly illustrates his continual push to expand the intersection of fine art and accessibility. RBS approached the task of producing artwork for the clean, white labels as they would when curating an exhibit, as his team cropped, recolored and reimagined digital versions of original artwork, resulting in aesthetically pleasing imagery that represents everyday, relatable people, places and things.

Bringing flavor to life

Beyond artwork creation and label design, Reginald Baylor Studio utilized both traditional and alternative discovery techniques to learn about Juiced! products and the company as a whole. One of the most notable developments of the discovery phase occurred when RBS coined the original tagline of Juiced!: Iconic. Heroic. Clean.

Bottle Art Showcase