While subject to change, our Juicery will remain open during normal business hours. Weekdays 8am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm.

Our Juicery only sells high pressure processed packaged juice in a to-go retail setting. We do not offer in-store dining options.

As the situation evolves, we are taking precautionary measures and are monitoring guidance from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention and local health guidance.

  • The cleanliness of our facilities is always a top priority. Out of an abundance of caution and to improve the safety of our staff and patrons, we have increased the frequency of rigorous cleaning and sanitizing of all areas with extra attention to communal areas. We are also providing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for our customers to use as needed.
  • Employee care is of utmost importance to us. We continue to focus on prevention, with flexible scheduling and direct them to stay home if they are not feeling well.
  • We do ask that all customers who visit our Juicery follow social distancing recommendations of 6 feet distance between each person.
  • Social separation has been enhanced through the use of a glass barrier at the checkout desk and patrons will no longer be required to sign for credit card purchases. We also ask that customers use credit cards vs. cash when possible.

Please note that you can purchase our Juiced! product in local Milwaukee grocery stores or on-line and have it shipped to your home. Please go to www.coldpressedjuiced.com to learn more.

We will continue to make decisions that best serve our community as well as the health and well-being of our patrons and employees as circumstances continue to develop.

Thank you,

Juiced! Cold-Pressed Juicery

Very healthy! The phytonutrients and anti-oxidants available from 100% raw fruits and vegetables help solve digestive problems, and can keep you feeling great. Juiced! provides instant benefits and long-term prosperity. Juiced! is an all-natural energy drink. A power-packed Juiced! rapidly infuses into your blood stream, providing an almost instantaneous burst of energy. Discover more here.

Juiced! is loaded! Our cold-press process maintains raw juices’ nutrients—something heat-processing can’t do—giving you a full day’s worth of nutrients in one delicious glass! Your juice is alive with enzymes, which also gives Juiced! its superior taste. Plus, there are no additives, no preservatives, no added sugar, and even no added water. Using local, organic produce when in season, Juiced! offers a variety of fruits and vegetables that you may not include in your normal diet.

Our cold-press process means the juice remains at a cool temperature throughout processing. It’s superior to most juice’s pasteurization because it maintains natural freshness, and keeps live enzymes in the juice. See how it all works here.

Refined sugar (used in coffee, soda, candy, and for baking) contains the same glucose, fructose, and sucrose found in natural sugar (fruit and vegetable). But, how they’re absorbed by the body is entirely different. Refined sugar breaks down quickly and is usually stored as fat. Natural sugar is aided by nutrients, along with the sugar, which helps the body process it. So, it’s better for your body!

A Juiced! JumpStart Cleanse is simple: drinking only Juiced! for a limited time to clean the digestive system of toxins. Think of it as “resetting your system,” which boosts the immune system, elevates moods, improves sleep patterns, balances sugar levels, and more. Best of all, your entire body will feel energized and renewed. Find out more here.

There are no instructions! Just kidding, kind of…

Juice cleansing is not an overly complicated thing. The idea is to drink our 7 Juiced! juices a day for however many days you choose to cleanse. Specific order is not important, as different people’s bodies will respond to different juices better at different times of the day. We recommend choosing juices by what your body is telling you, i.e. whatever looks good to you in the moment, go for! But, you will get the nutrients you need for the day, regardless of order.

It is generally best to spread out the juices as much as possible throughout the day, so you’re not going too long without nutrients. Though, some Cleansers find it best to mimic their normal, daily eating patterns, i.e. 2 juices for breakfast, 2 juices for lunch, and 2 juices for dinner, with one rogue juice :). Or, you can find your own way to get the job done! We also recommend drinking plenty of water.

We believe in giving you great value. A bottle of Juiced! retails for $3.99-$6.99/bottle. Other juices (Blueprint, Suja, Evolution Fresh) are regularly priced at $8.99/bottle. These brands use a process similar to Juiced!, so this provides a relatively accurate comparison.

Please see the Juiced! Shipping Policy page.

Please see our refund policy page.